Hi, I'm Avery!


In my experience, storytelling is at its most exhilarating when it pushes at the seams of life’s essential truths. For a decade I’ve photographed and interviewed people from all over the world, mining for insights into the human condition. People are my passion and documenting their stories is my drive.

I worked as a journalist in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I became fluent in Spanish, and learned the art of bridging cultures as Director of Creative Content for a fashion brand in Bogotá, Colombia. I was the sole gringa working on an all-male crew for an art production company in La Paz, Bolivia. In São Paulo, Brazil and Santiago, Chile I researched and archived rare music from Africa, Latin America and the Southeastern United States. In New Orleans, Louisiana I hosted a radio show that explored music history as it relates to African diaspora and colonialism. I'm currently based in Brooklyn, New York where I work as a freelance photographer and journalist and run a living archive of rare music called The World Music Library